Ryan Braun overturns 50-game suspension

ESPN informs that National League Most Valuable Player managed to overturn his 50-game suspension on Thursday. The decision, which was taken with the help of baseball arbitrator Shyam Das, did not reflect the intentions of the Major League Baseball. The members of the League plan to sue the player in federal court in order to reverse the decision.

Ryan Braun was due to start the spring training with the Milwaukee Brewers when he heard the news that his 50-game suspension was overturned. This is the first time when a baseball player manages to escape a drug-related penalty. The 28-year-old outfielder was accused of using performance-enhancing drugs after testing positive in October for elevated levels of testosterone.

Braun told reporters that he was very relieved by the decision to overturn his suspension. This is, in his opinion, the first step that he needed to make in order to restore his good reputation and name which were stained by the League’s accusations. The player further stated that truth was on his side because he is an innocent man.

After drug tests were performed in October, the Hebrew Hammer defended himself by saying that the protocol hadn’t been followed. Neither Braun, nor his lawyer tried to dispute the fact that exogenous testosterone was found in his urine sample. They, nevertheless, claimed that the sample came from an outside source because the chain of custody and the collection procedure were not performed according to the protocol.

The Milwaukee Brewers’ player also declared that he was fully cooperative throughout the investigation, meaning that he had nothing to hide. As a matter of fact, Ryan provided investigators with all the information they needed in order to solve the case. He performed 25 drug tests throughout his entire career and none of them came out positive.

Multiple sources have confirmed Braun’s declaration that the urine samples were not correctly stored. According to them, the collector was supposed to take the samples to a FedEx Office, but he preferred to take them home like he did on previous occasions because it was Friday and the FedEx office was closed. The collector, on the other hand, stated that the samples were stored in a cool place in his basement and the results shouldn’t’ have been altered.

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