Russian Hackers target Oil and Gas Companies

It seems that there is a new target that Russian hackers have taken to their attention. New reports reveal that they are now targeting oil and gas companies. Some reports indicate that such companies have become victims of hacker attacks, being targeted by them.

The same reports reveal that the reason why hackers have shown interests in obtaining certain information from these companies is actually linked to industrial espionage. However, there are naturally no revelations and no details on this subject. 

The only thing that has been revealed now is that hackers seem to be extremely accurate when it comes to covering their tracks, as it has been said that tracking them might be extremely difficult. And that is not all. It has also been claimed that the hackers are becoming more aggressive, as well as more sophisticated. They managed to insert powerful viruses into these companies’ systems.

Some statistics reveal that no less than 250 companies have been infested with the virus. The exact intentions that the hackers have are not known at this point, but most likely authorities are trying to trace them down and find out what lies behind this story. 

Some websites frequented by companies which invest in the energy sector have been targeted by the hackers, as well. Users who visited a site that was infected were attacked. The virus is extremely intelligent, as it has the ability to first scan the device to find out if it is worth hacking. Consequently, tool is considered to be very sophisticated.

The hackers are considered to be very aggressive, but also extremely careful when it comes to covering their tracks. This means that most likely it will pass some time until authorities will be able to discover who they are. However, the hacking needs to be stopped, although most probably the conclusions will not be revealed very soon. 

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