Russia President Vladimir Putin Announces Divorce

The Associated Press reports that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has revealed his intentions o filing for divorce after 29 years of marriage. He and his wife, Lyudmila Putina, have agreed that it is better to separate since they have always lived separate lives.

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has always kept his personal life away from the media, but this Thursday, he revealed during a show on the national television that his marriage has never been perfect. For that matter, Vladimir and his wife, Lyudmila, have decided that the safest thing to do is to file for divorce and lead separate lives.

Vladimir refused to say what caused them to file for divorce and simply concluded “to each his own life”. Lyudmila Putina, on the other hand, has never shied away from expressing her grievances in the public. During the Thursday’s televised appearance, she told reporters that she never liked the air travel and the publicity she received as Vladimir’s wife.

Her confessions were, nevertheless, included in a 2002 biography called “Vladimir Putin: the Road to Power”. Putina’s contribution to the book is almost entirely made out of complaints in an attempt to prove that the President has never been a good husband, not even during their three-year courtship. Lyudmila claims she has always felt humiliated by Vladimir and therefore, grew distant.

The biographer, Oleg Blotsky, has even provided several examples to better illustrate the inappropriate conduct that Vladimir had towards his wife. He wrote in his book that during the period the two were dating, that is, in the 1980s, Putina was always forced to wait for Vladimir for more than an hour at their meeting places. She was very disturbed by his behavior, especially since he has always been punctual at work.

It wasn’t just Putina that was ignored and mistreated by Vladimir. According to her declaration, the President missed the birth of their first child because he was away on a business trip. This did not prevent Vladimir from criticizing his wife for her cooking when they would first see each other.

The recent interview has confirmed all the rumors, according to which, the marriage between the two has been more formality than fulfillment. The presidential couple concluded by saying that their divorce will be a civilized one as they have both agreed that it is better to separate.

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