Russell Brand Wishes He Had Done More For Amy Winehouse

Comedian Russell Brand and a former drug addict himself, he has recently taken on a pledge to change the view on addiction of all kinds. In an interview for The Sun, Russell Brand confessed he wishes he had done more for Amy Winehouse and eventually save her from addiction problems.

Russell Brand’s feeling of guilt towards not doing enough to help Amy Winehouse is certainly something a lot of people around the star have thought about it. But the British comedian turns grim when talking about addiction issues and he legitimately seems to feel guilty for not helping Amy Winehouse.

“Her death wasn’t inevitable – there was something that could have been done” Russell Brand told the British newspaper The Sun. “I know that from my own experience… I got clean at the age of 27, the age Amy was when she died” the British comedian confessed.

“Amy’s death was a paradoxical unsurprising shock. I felt like I could have done something to help – to give her the chance I had” the 37-year-old comedian said. “I got the sense of the ticking clock and spoke to other people, ‘Hey, we need to do something’” he also added of his regret for not helping Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning last summer at the peak of her music career. It was soon after she got out of rehab and was working on her new album. Her passing away came as a shock for her family, friends and fans and perhaps a waking call for other celebrities following her path.

Russell Brand, for one, wishes he had done more for Amy Winehouse. The British comedian says he knew Amy Winehouse was going to be eventually killed by her addictions. “And I had this flickering sense that I should have done something about that. I feel a bit guilty that there was nothing I did” confessed Russell Brand.

Eventually he concluded: “Whatever anyone could have done for Amy, now one thing is for sure, no one can do anything – she’s dead”.

Russell Brand just released a documentary film covering his road from addiction to recovery. His hope is that other addicts will find hope and the power to withstand their addictions and recover.

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