Russell Brand Set to Become a Dad

Comedian Russell Brand is set to become a father. The actor and his girlfriend, Laura Gallacher reportedly are going to welcome their first child together. The rumors indicated that Laura is five months pregnant now. 

The rumors also said that Laura is due sometime during the fall. Of course, the famous pair has not confirmed the rumors, although some sources also claimed that Brand and Laura have moved in together. Russell Brand and Laura Gallacher have started an on and off relationship back in 2006. However, they separated meanwhile and got back together in 2015. 

When it comes to his relationships, Russell Brand is without a doubt best known for his marriage to famous singer Katy Perry. The two separated after only one year of marriage. Actually, Brand was the one who ended the marriage in 2011. Katy Perry claimed back then that her former husband separated from her through a text message. Things were not simple for the beautiful singer when this occurred, but without a doubt Katy has moved on. 

Meanwhile, it seems that Russell Brand decided to open up about his battle with addictions. The star claimed that he has been having a “one day at a time recovery” from being a heroin addict. Brand made this statement during a surprise visit to a new recovery center, aiming to help people dealing with drinking and drug addictions. 

“I’ve already met some of the ‘service users’… it’s the language… we’ve come a long way from maniacs, lunatics, rejects, psyhcopaths, junkies scum of the earth,” Brand said. “People that are falling by the wayside, who have been discarded, forgotten and looked over, when they come together there’s an incredible resource,” he went on to add. 

Russell Brand said that commonly drug addicts feel that they are “useless and worthless” and claimed that he perfectly understands everything that addicts go through. “I’ve been in recovery one day at a time for a little while now, and it’s still extraordinary that people are talking about is not this substance or that substance, but their difficulty with relationships, their sense of loss, their sense of loneliness and their sense of worthlessness,” he said, adding that this is exactly how he feels.

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