Russell Brand Is Still In Love With Katy Perry

Russell Brand spoke for the first time about his marriage with singer Katy Perry during his appearance at Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Although the two didn’t separate on amicable terms, Russell Brand spoke positively about his former wife making people wonder whether he may still be in love with Katy Perry or not. 

Russell Brand was the special guest that Ellen DeGeneres invited last Thursday on her show. The man-to-man conversation was very relaxing for the British comic as he made a lot of confessions in relation to his 14-month marriage with Katy Perry. Brand told the TV show host that he still loves his former wife “as a human being”, even though things didn’t come out well between them.

Perry and Brand announced their divorce on December 30 after being married for only 14 months. The 36-year-old star was seen with numerous other women since then, but apparently it was Katy who decided to call it quits. The comedian or better say, male-born comedian, reassured viewers that he doesn’t regret he got separated from Katy. In his opinion, the two were not meant to be together and it doesn’t have to be somebody’s fault for that.

The British star further added that he was very happy to be married with Katy because she is a “beautiful human being”. In fact, he continues to nurture loving and positive feelings for his ex because that is what people should take with them after every relationship, be it successful or not. In the end, Brand implicitly confessed that the busy schedule and hectic lifestyles of the two have led to their divorce.

Despite the beautiful remarks that Russell Brand made about Katy Perry, the British actor has moved on with his life. He finally decided to unfollow his former wife on Twitter earlier this week. Katy, on the other hand, is already involved in a romantic relationship with another man. The American singer was spotted at the Coachella Festival in company of Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd. Sources claim the two are dating even though the news hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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