Run DMC Reunite For Music Festival In Philly

Reuters reports that Run DMC reunited for a special appearance on the “Made in America” music festival that was held in Philadelphia over the weekend. The crowd was thrilled to see the hip hop performers back on stage again, so they flailed their arms during the entire 40-minute show.

Run DMC’s performance at the Sunday music festival in Philadelphia has made people realize what they were missing from the music industry. The hip hop band kept the crowd entertained throughout their 40-minute set with some of their most popular singles, including “It’s Tricky”, “My Adidas” and “Walk This Way”.

The stage was decorated with a special “Jam Master Jay Forever” banner in honor of their deceased friend and colleague. After a few on stage representations, the hip hop artists talked about their breakup following the death of their friend, Jam Master Jay. They told the tens of thousands of fans that the assassination of the famous DJ determined them to put an end to their career as a hip hop group. Jam Master Jay was killed on October 30, 2002, in his Jamaica, Queens recording studio.

In the end, the rappers introduced Jay’s sons T.J. and Jam Master J’Son to the crowd and they were wholeheartedly welcomed by fans. The two juniors performed “some beats” proving that they are just as talented as their parents.

Run DMC’s surprise appearance at the ‘Made in America” concert was very appreciated by fans. The majority of them expressed their wish to see the band perform on other occasions, as well. The rappers, however, did not say whether they plan to make a comeback or not, but they were, nevertheless, impressed by the success of their Sunday performance.

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