Rumors on the Release of Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The previous Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that was released in 2014 was probably one of the best productivity tablets on the market. That model has injected some serious excitements into the tablet-PC hybrid market. Moreover, the Surface Pro 3 was designed as Microsoft’s best tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has also been a serious opponent to the famous Apple MacBook Air. As a quick compare, Surface Pro 3 is lighter and thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air and it has a higher resolution. Moreover, it has the best keyboard/cover on the market. Without a doubt, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a serious laptop killer.

However, Microsoft will not stop here and it continues to evolve and refine the Surface each year. Many customers are starting to search and ask themselves what new features and what new design the next Surface Pro 4 will come with. 

After celebrating the Surface Pro 3’s first birthday in May, rumors about the next generation started to run out the Internet. Moreover, the recent price drop for the last model has accumulated even more rumors. Browsing the Internet, customers will find several specs and rumors about the new Surface Pro 4. To be added that some of these rumors are speculating that Microsoft is willing to release a number of new products in October, including the new Surface Pro 4. 

To be mentioned that there are some rumors suggesting that its design will not be dramatically changed, but there will be two versions of the Surface Pro 4, one featuring a 12-inch display and another one with a 14-inch display. As for its specs, it seems that the new model will come with Intel’s M Broadwell processor, but other sources are claiming that it will home the Core i5 or Core i7.

Moreover, Surface Pro 4 will have under the hood 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of flash storage. However, probably one thing will be sure, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will come with the new desktop operating system, Windows 10.

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