Rumors on Ben Affleck’s Relationship with Elizabeth Weaver Denied

New rumors are linked to Ben Affleck and Elizabeth Weaver. The rumors are indicating that Jennifer Garner, Ben’s estranged wife, is very suspicious of the actor’s relationship with Elizabeth. However, it seems that the claims have already been denied, as a report from Gossip Cop said that there is no truth in these comments. 

The rumors emerged with a report from the National Enquirer. The report indicated that Ben Affleck is “hooked” on Elizabeth Weaver. The same report said that Elizabeth is Ben’s “detox nurse.” A source talking to the celebrity site revealed that Ben really likes her. “Ben is infatuated with her,” the insider said. “He’s feeling pretty vulnerable these days, and Elizabeth has helped him regain his confidence,” the same insider added. “He adores her.”

Well, the claims were not made for long, as soon enough a Gossip Cop report came to dismiss the speculation. The report indicated that Ben and Elizabeth were not spotted together on a date, but the National Enquirer used some photos of the two while they were in Los Angeles to claim that they were out to spend quality time together. Furthermore, the report claimed that there is no truth in the claims made about Elizabeth and Ben. 

Gossip Cop also said that Elizabeth is a longtime friend of both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. The site also claimed that Jennifer is not and has never been suspicious on Elizabeth. Allegedly, a source close to the stars claimed that there is no truth in the claims that have been made by the trio in celebrity magazines. 

Well, this is by far the first time when claims have been made about Jennifer and Ben. Several rumors have been on regarding the two ever since they announced their separation. Some previous reports have claimed that the two actors were planning on getting back together and were thinking about saving their marriage. Some went ever further and said that Ben and Jennifer are planning on having another baby that could help the actors save their marriage. The claims were later dismissed by another Gossip Cop report.

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