Rumer Willis opens up about Struggle with Body Image

Rumer Willis, without a doubt, has always been famous. The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore seems to have everything, but it seems that the star has always struggled with one thing: body image issues. 

Rumer made the revelations during a recent interview with Glamour magazine. The Dancing with the Stars winner revealed that she never talked about her issues with her famous parents because “it was too painful.” “I was constantly bullied because of my looks, so I struggled a lot with my body image. I wanted to have no butt; I wanted to have no boobs. For a long time I just wanted to look tiny and androgynous,” she said. 

Rumer Willis went on to say that she never knew how to ask for help and this made everything extremely difficult for her. However, she said that her mom gave her a really good advice, but she did not know how to put that advice in practice, until later on in her life. 

“I do remember my mom telling me, ‘There’s always going to be someone who’s a better singer. There’s always going to be someone more fit. There’s always someone who’s going to be, in your mind, better than you-who you’re comparing yourself to. But you can’t do that, because you will live such an unhappy life.’ It just took me a long time to put that advice into practice,” Rumer said. 

The star also opened up about her struggle with fame and the paparazzi. Of course, being the daughter of two of the most famous actors in Hollywood draws a lot of attention. Rumer said that sometimes she actually found it impossible to leave her house, because “I would be aggressively and dangerously followed.” However, Rumer said that this actually is not the hardest part. She revealed that the real pressure comes from the Internet, where millions of people share a lot of things. 

“Strangers say the nastiest things. Until recently the thought of making one misstep that could be criticized would stop me from trying new things and from standing up for myself,” she said. 

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