Roy Williams sues ex girlfriend over engagement ring

Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams filed a lawsuit last for not receiving back his engagement ring after his girlfriend, Miss Texas Brooke Daniels, said no to his marriage proposal.

Let’s see if we got this right. Roy dates Brook. Roy proposes to Brook. Roy sends engagement ring to Brook. Brook turns down proposal. Brooke keeps ring. Now, that’s not nice!
The former Lion wanted to settle down. He was dating Miss Texas USA Brook Daniels for over a year. So he decided to send his beautiful girlfriend a Valentine’s Day package with an engagement ring by mail. He also included in the mail 5,000 dollars so she would pay some dental bills and the school. And as a present to his future brother-in law, he sent a baseball. And, of course, he also sent a recorded marriage proposal to the girl. Then the Valentine’s Day package was sent. When she received the package, she did not like everything in it. So she sorted them: ring – yes; proposal – no; and so on.

Now Williams wants his ring back. The rock is valued at 76,000 dollars. When he asked Brooke for the ring back, she told him that she lost it. So, six weeks after sending the package through mail, he sends another package, this time thinner, announcing his former girl and his father that he us suing them for not returning the ring.
The hearing is set to Friday in Odessa, Texas.

Brooke’s father, Michael Daniels, said in a phone interview on Tuesday that his daughter has the ring in her possession and is planning on returning the ring, without any legal procedures needed.  However, he states that of his knowledge, Williams had told his daughter to keep the ring anyway. He said that Williams told Brooke “I’m not like a lot of people, I don’t want the ring back. You’ll eventually come back to me,” but she did not. During the interview he did not mention how and when they will send the ring back to Williams.

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