Rowan Atkinson Retires Mr. Bean

British actor Rowan Atkinson decided to retire the character that made him famous, Mr. Bean. According to the Inquisitr, the star made this decision after realizing that acting silly is no longer proper for a 57-year-old person.

Sad as it may be to all of us, Rowan Atkinson is determined to put an end to the gig that made him famous, namely, the impersonation of the ridiculous and eerie character known as Mr. Bean. The British actor is determined to give up playing Mr. Bean because he finds it strange to act childishly at 57 years old.

Atkinson told reporters that Mr. Bean’s success is almost entirely based on comic faces and funny movements. The role fitted him like a glove in the beginning of his career, but now he feels ashamed of playing a “bumbling idiot”. In his opinion, people in their 50s should not be acting childlike; otherwise they may be regarded as “sad”. The comedian claims he has to be careful with the parts he chooses because he doesn’t want to trigger viewers’ pity.

While they understood the actor’s decision to retire Mr. Bean, fans were, nevertheless, saddened by the news. Mr. Bean became a hit the first time it was introduced in the late 80s and was a constant presence in comedy shows ever since. The character featured in several TV movies, short films, TV shows and full-length movies. He was even turned into an animated character in 2002 and was invited during the prestigious London Games this summer to perform during the opening ceremony.

It appears that the Mr. Bean interpretation that Rowan Atkinson pulled off this summer is the only one we are going to see for many years to come. The funny character pretends to play the piano during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, but his music notes are too simple, so he disrupts the routine in his unusual way. He gets caught up in a moment of reverie, imagining himself as the winner of the competition. He is suddenly awoken by the rest of the people in the orchestra casting desperate glances at him.

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