Rosie O’Donnell, Michelle Rounds Secretly Married In June

Us Weekly reports that comedienne Rosie O’Donnell and her fiancée, Michelle Rounds have secretly married in June. The announcement came as a surprise for everyone, including the family of the couple because none of them knew that Rosie and Michelle tied the knot.

Rosie O’Donnell never ceases to surprise the media with her announcements. At the beginning of the month, the comedienne wrote on her blog that her fiancée was diagnosed with desmoid tumors and she was subject to a difficult medical procedure. Michelle’s unexpected health problems constrained Rosie to postpone their wedding for an undetermined period of time, concluded the American actress.

In spite of what she initially stated, Rosie O’Donnell confessed today that she secretly married her fiancée in June. They were supposed to hold the wedding ceremony in August, but they were forced to postpone it. They nevertheless, agreed to exchange vows before Michelle’s surgery, so they did it in private. 

O’Donnell’s rep, Cindi Berger, confirmed the news in an interview with Us Weekly. She told reporters that the couple got married on June 9th, but they did not have a wedding ceremony. Rosie reassured everyone that once she and her wife have completely recovered from their illnesses they will celebrate the nuptials through a big ceremony where all their family members and friends will be invited. The actress concluded her blog post by thanking all fans and friends who have shown them support, especially during these trying times.

Even though the couple can never be too sure of the turn that events can take, they have begun to make small preparations for their much-awaited wedding ceremony. They did not choose a date, yet, but they plan to host the ceremony in summer 2013. The couple would not accept any gifts from their guests, but they will, nevertheless, recommend them to donate to the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation to help other people overcome this disease.

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