Rosie O’Donnell: “Help Me Save My Fiancée”

Rosie O’Donnell likes to cheer up the audience with the jokes she makes, but now she is more concerned of saving her fiancée. Michelle Rounds was diagnosed with desmoid tumors and is now struggling to defeat the rare disease, says People magazine.

Rosie O’Donnell and her fiancée, Michelle Rounds seemed to enjoy a beautiful love story together, but the actress revealed in a recent blog post that their lives haven’t been as pink as one might expect. According to her declaration, Michelle began experiencing physical pain a while ago and after many investigations, doctors diagnosed her with a rare disease.

Apparently, Michelle is suffering from desmoid tumors, a disease that behaves like cancer, but is not actually cancer. Only three people out of one million have this affection which is why O’Donnell describes it as “beyond rare”.

Once the medical team was able to figure out the disease, Michelle tried various types of treatments. In June, she was subject to a surgical procedure for the removal of the tumors and she is now gradually recovering. In fact, the couple has become involved in the fight against this disease. They have helped raise money and awareness about desmoid tumors in every possible way hoping that other people will not go through the same bad experience as they did.

Rosie has also spoken about their wedding plans. The couple announced their engagement in December 2011, but they were forced to postpone it because of Michelle’s health problems. The comedienne explained that their main priority at present is to get Rounds back on her feet again, so they didn’t have time to plan the ceremony.

The wedding plans haven’t been cancelled, just postponed. The couple will tie the knot next summer through a special benefit event. Rosie told her readers that she will kindly ask her guests to make donations to the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation instead of making wedding gifts.

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  1. Dear Rosie!
    My name is Lana M and I also been diagnosed with desmoid tumor not so long ago. This must be a troubling time for you and I’m like nobody else can understand what you feel right now and what you are going through! The biggest and the hardest single thing that you will be required to do in the entire battle is to make up your mind to really fight it. You can do it and Slone Kettering can help!! I truly hope that you went to Slone Kettering as soon as you heard diagnose, because that is the only place where you will find support and the best treatment!
    I will keep my fingers crossed that your health goes from strength to strength over the months ahead!!
    GOOD LUCK, Girl!
    Best wishes for fast recovery,
    Lana M

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