Ronaldo, The Most Loved Athlete On Facebook

The Inquisitr reports that Ronaldo, the famous Real Madrid striker, has become the most loved athlete on Facebook after his page gathered 50 million Likes. The soccer player has, thus, joined the group of other social media famous celebrities, such as, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Eminem and Rihanna.

Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo is not only popular on the field, but also on Facebook. The Real Madrid striker gathered more than 50 million Likes on Thursday and it seems his popularity could increase in the following period due to the great results he obtained this season. Ronaldo scored 16 goals during the 15 games he played this year.

Even though the Likes on his Facebook page clearly prove that Ronaldo is the most loved soccer player, in real life there are people who consider him the second best player in the world to Barcelona’s Leo Messi. The latter enjoys lots of popularity among soccer fans, but his Facebook account could not gather more than 38.6 million fans.

Ronaldo is not the only celebrity to be acknowledged as the most talented person on Facebook. Sexy R&B singer, Rihanna holds the greatest number of Likes, namely, 61.8 million, being closely followed by rapper Eminem with 61.5 million. Shakira (55.2 million) and Lady Gaga (53.3 million) managed to set up social media empires by constantly communicating with their fans. The Facebook page of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, could, nevertheless, be outrun by Ronaldo as the singer holds only 52.1 million Likes.

Analysts think Ronaldo’s success on Facebook was predictable to a certain extent. In fact, it was the natural consequence of being a very talented soccer player. According to Sports Illustrated soccer editor Jen Chang, there are several requirements that people need to fulfill in order to become as popular on Facebook as the aforementioned celebrities and Ronaldo has checked them all. He has been recognized as the best player in the world, he has great looks, he has a famous girlfriend and his team is winning like crazy.

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