Ron will miss Harry Potter

The last Harry Potter movie is going to be in theaters on July 15 and, like all other actors, and fan, Rupert Grint, who played Ron for almost a decade finds it hard to say goodbye to the Harry Potter saga.

For every child of the 21st century, Harry Potter has been an icon and every character was a friends or an enemy. They grew up with the movie. So did the little stars in the movie, who were around 10 years of age when it all started. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, along with their friends, they all grew up and so did the actors that embodied them. Now, at the end of the journey, they find it hard to say goodbye.

Rupert Grint, 22, spoke to Parade, while filming for his next movie in Norway, about his feelings in regard to part ways from the J.K.Rowling world of mysteries and magic and how high the pressure for a grand finale was.

When talking about the last days on the set of the Harry Potter film, he explained how it was a massive part of his life. It was like his world started since the moment he started to be Ron. Those last days were “really strange” to him. “There was a real sadness about it and quite an empty feeling. So, I remember packing up my room, boxing everything up and I had like, toys from when I was 10.” Grint said. He found those days very emotional.

When asked about the future, he answered in an optimistic manner, saying that he is actually “looking forward to moving on.”

Unlike the parts before, the last part of Harry Potter saga, which was in fact the second part of the last book, has more of an epic character. Grint admits that the actors have been put to some pressure regarding the grand finale: “There was a tiny little pressure on us to really go out with a bang.”

Now, that J.K.Rowing has finished writing another book, there might be a chance we see Grint in another fantasy movie. As he said, “I would like to play the middle-aged Ron, yeah.”

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