Rolling Stones Celebrate 50th Anniversary

The Rolling Stones took part at a special photo shoot on Wednesday in order to celebrate their 50th anniversary, says the Rolling Stone magazine. The band recalled their first gig and announced the preparations for their future performances.

One of the greatest British bands was, is and will most likely be the Rolling Stones. The popularity of the musicians hasn’t decreased with the passing of the years; on the contrary, their 50th anniversary was celebrated by numerous fans on Thursday, July 12th.

The members of the band began the preparations for the anniversary a day before, that is, on Wednesday. They held a special anniversary photo shoot at the Marquee Club where they agreed to release a brief interview for the Rolling Stone magazine.

Mick Jagger was torn between nostalgia and excitement during the celebration of the 50th anniversary. He told reporters that he kept thinking about their first representation on July 12th, 1962 which was also held at London’s Marquee Jazz Club. He was a little bit saddened by the fact that most musicians left the band in the past half of the century and that only Keith and him have continued to play throughout the years. Although he did not mention anything about it, we’re pretty sure agedness had something to do with Jagger’s nostalgia, as well.

Mick further confessed that the team lied about its anniversary; in his opinion, it is not correct to say that the band has accomplished 50 years because it is not the same band. The name was preserved for 50 years, but the musicians are not the same. Unlike Jagger, Richards is less reflective. He told the press that he doesn’t even bother counting the years, but he is happy that the Rolling Stones are still popular.

Richards concluded the interview by informing people that the band plans to hold at least one concert this year. They will begin practicing as soon as celebrations are over because they also plan to embark on a tour next year.

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