Rodney Atkins tried to smother his wife?

The country singer has filed for divorce after repeated scandals with his wife. According to Huffington Post, Rodney Atkins was arrested in November because he tried to smother his wife with a pillow. A month later, Atkins files for divorce, following his lawyers’ advice.

Tammy Atkins told the police and the press that the country singer became very violent during an argument at home on November 21. She called 911 to report the incident and Rodney was arrested for violent behavior. Nevertheless, he was soon booked and released on $2,500 bail. He told reporters that his wife blew the situation out of proportions and he announced his intentions to file for divorce.

Police officers who arrested Rodney that night say something else. According to their statements, the 42-year-old singer “had been drinking alcohol all night and was intoxicated” at the time of his imprisonment. The wife was in a state of shock when police officers arrived at her home because Rodney tried to smother her with a pillow.

Rodney’s lawyers claim that the argument ended quickly because the country singer realized that his 10-year-old child was in a hearing range and he did not want him to get scared. Lawyers further stated that the first priority of the singer was to get the argument out of the earshot of the child. In their opinion, the occurrence was nothing but an “unfortunate verbal dispute” that was exaggerated in Tammy Atkins’ declarations. In the end, the lawyer admitted that the only solution for this incident is the divorce. However, Rodney Atkins will exercise as much parenting time during the divorce as he did before.

Tammy Atkins married Rodney because she was in love with him, so she claims that she had no reasons to make such false accusations. In fact, the two met during college when Rodney was not a country singer. Back then, Rodney was forced to take various jobs to support himself; he even worked as a delivery truck driver. Unfortunately, he soon became the victim of his success and their life as a couple became more complicated. 

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  1. Well, Rodney you are a great singer and very talented. However, it sounds like you cannot handle fame. You forgot about the things in life that really matter. Hold onto the things that last. IT IS NOT COUNTRY MUSIC!

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