Rod Stewart Talks About Using Cocaine Suppositories

After Rod Stewart’s tumultuous memoir was released, some of his life stories got the public’s attention. Access Hollywood sat him down for an interview about using cocaine suppositories, sex and rock and roll.

It’s not much of a surprise Rod Stewart did cocaine suppositories, or that he had sex with thousands of girls (although he says it was just 50 or 60). In fact, we’re sure most legendary singers have a lot of stuff in their life they’re not proud of, but for some reason Rod Stewart opened up about putting cocaine up his butt. That’s too much information coming from a 67-year-old. I really don’t want to know what my grandpa did when he was young and restless.

Michelle Beadle with Access Hollywood sat down with Rod Stewart in what should have been one of the most awkward interviews of her life. Talking to a 67-year-old man about using cocaine suppositories isn’t exactly something that just comes up organically. It’s also hard to argue with someone saying he used to put cocaine up his butt “just as a social user”.

“As far as the drugs are concerned, I was never an addict” Rod Stewart told Michelle Beadle. “I was never, you know, in rehab. It never affected my family or my relationships or anything. I was just a social user” the 67-year-old rocker confessed.

And at that time, everybody was doing cocaine, including some of his fellow bandmates. Ron Wood managed to actually burn a hole in his nasal septum because of too much cocaine sniffing. “Did that scare you enough?” Michelle Beadle asked Rod Stewart. “Well, it scared Ronny, yeah it did, so then we found another method of taking the drug. We put them in a little pill like the French do them, suppository” he revealed. “We did that for a little while. Are we still on the air?” Rod Stewart later gushed.

In case you missed out yesterday’s breaking news about Rod Stewart explaining cocaine suppositories in his memoir, here’s the how-to: “So we started buying anticold capsules from the chemist’s, separating the two halves of the capsules, replacing their contents with a pinch of cocaine, and then taking the capsules anally” Rod Stewart dishes out.

Hm…cocaine suppositories, so now I know how a hard-core rocker parties…Mick Jagger do you have anything to confess?!

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