Rocker Leslie West’s loses leg over diabetes

Reuters reports that the Rock guitarist Leslie West, has had his lower right leg amputated as an emergency measure to prevent the drastic condition of his diabetes. The life threatening condition and the life-saving operation were announced by his wife on Monday.

Leslie West is now 65 years old. He underwent the amputation intervention at a hospital in Biloxi, Mississippi. The surgery prospect appeared on Saturday, after his leg started to swell and the lower region of the leg became septic. His wife, Jenni West, said in an e-mail that for the following two days the doctors have tried to do anything possible to save the leg. “The decision to amputate was one that was necessary to save his life as the infection was spreading throughout his body”, she added. “The nursing staff and doctors have taken excellent care of him and should be called angels for their efforts and tenderness they showed us in this time of crisis.”

As any amputation, the operation was invasive and it will take the former rock player some time to rehabilitate and get used to his new condition.

Leslie West was most famous in the ‘70s, when he was part of the band called Mountain. The best and most popular single of the Mountain trio was “Mississippi Queen” which was released in 1970. it was a staple of classic rock radio. After the band experience the tried a solo career. One of his solo albums is called “The Great Fatsby”, referring to his weight. West has been struggling with his obesity state – which eventually led to the development of type 2 diabetes – for years.

His next album is called “The Unusual Suspects” and it features guitar players such as Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Joe Bonamassa and Slash of Guns’N’Roses. The album doesn’t have a release date set at the moment.  His colleagues sent their best wishes via e-mail. Gibbons said that “Leslie will, no doubt, bounce back with his unusually bionic blitz of guitarosciousness.”

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