Rockefeller center lights up

The Christmas season was officially announced in New York City. Like every year, the beginning of December was marked in 2011 by a special concert held in Rockefeller center. According to the Associated Press, the famous center was light up to the music of Neil Diamond, Cee Lo Green and Carol King. The much-awaited stars of the night, Justin Bieber and Tony Bennett were not able to attend the show, so they sent pre-taped performances.

Thousands of people headed towards the Rockefeller Center on November 30 as the city of New York was preparing to welcome the holiday season. For the 79th edition of the ceremony, a 74-foot-tall Christmas tree was brought to the historic center and decorated with 30,000 energy efficient LED lights. According to the organizers of the event, the lights that were used to decorate the tree are 5 miles long. The Christmas tree will sparkle with joyous lights until January 7, 2012.

Although the ceremony follows the same rules each year, people are always excited to watch the show. Based on the statements of several onlookers, this year’s ceremony was just as beautiful and touching. The kids were the most excited, even though Justin Bieber let them down because he didn’t make a live appearance at the concert.

13 year-old best friends Emily Solomon and Carmela Civello said the ceremony would have been better if Bieber’s performance hadn’t been recorded. Nevertheless, the two girls told the press that they are eager to get their Christmas presents.

One of the most important moments of the evening was provided by the First Lady Michell Obama, who went on stage to read children stories. She was accompanied by one of kids’ favorite cartoon character, Kermit the Frog. President Obama also went on stage in order to sing with Santa Claus.

Earlier that they, Obama raised money for his re-election bid next year in Manhattan. The overlapping of the Christmas Tree Lighting and the political mission of President Obama caused some inconveniences to the inhabitants of Manhattan. The streets were jammed by traffic, so it became almost impossible to drive through the city.

The Christmas lighting tradition began in 1933 after the inauguration of the Rockefeller plaza in the 30s. The tree is usually imported from Norway and it is more than 69 feet tall.

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