Robert Pattinson Talks About Twilight’s Vampire Sex Scene

They might be just patching things up in real life, but in the “Twilight” universe, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are having the “greatest vampire sex ever”. At least, that’s what Robert Pattinson is saying about the “Twilight” vampire sex scene.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem to be missing the passion that drives their characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. The latest “Twilight” movie features them married and with a kid, while fighting to protect their family. But, according to Robert Pattinson, “Breaking Dawn Part 2” could be sexier than what the 12A rating.

The sex scene in “Twilight” has long been commented. Since it’s the end of the successful series, producers and screenwriters have most likely used scenes that will make it memorable. According to a recent statement by Robert Pattinson, the sex scene (at least) is going to be memorable…again…for a movie meant for teenagers.

“The sex is a lot wilder and more intense but I think it works better” the British actor told The Sun. “We wanted to do something different, we had to figure ways to make it sexy even though it’s supposed to be 12A. The idea was for us to have the greatest vampire sex ever”.

So how was having the greatest vampire sex ever?! Well, it was awkward to begin with. “It’s awkward doing close-ups in front of a big crew with the camera operator in your face and you’re supposed to show ultimate ecstasy” Robert Pattinson confessed. “Kristen and I would start to laugh and the cameraman was laughing, too”.

Although Robert Pattinson is open about his character’s romance with Bella, he isn’t that chatty when it comes to his real life relationship. In the meanwhile, the media started interviewing the rest of the “Twilight” cast, hoping one of them will tell them whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together.

Co-star Ashley Greene told Seventeen magazine she hopes whatever happens between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won’t taint the movie. “I think a lot of people see us as our characters; I really want them to still be able to do that” the actress said.

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