Robert Pattinson Regrets Leaving Katy Perry?

Some very curious rumors have emerged. It has been claimed that famous actor Robert Pattinson might actually be regretting the fact that he is engaged to FKA twigs, wishing to be with Katy Perry instead. So, it seems that once again rumors indicate that Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs are dealing with some relationship issues. 

So, the latest rumors started with a report by Celeb Dirty Laundry, which said that the famous actor actually regretted that he got engaged to FKA twigs. Furthermore, the report indicated that Robert wished he would have gotten engaged to Katy Perry instead. 

Well, the fact that Robert and Katy had been dating was rumored for quite some time before the actor made his relationship with FKA twigs official. Rumors said that Robert and Katy were a couple, but they wanted to keep their romance a secret, away from the media attention. Well, Celeb Dirty Laundry went on to say that Robert always seemed to be much happier in Katy’s company, compared with the times when he was spotted alongside his current fiancée. 

The fact that such rumors emerged is not quite shocking, having under consideration that Robert and Katy were recently seen together. Actually, it appears that the singer was invited at Robert and FKA twigs’ date night. The trio attended the 8th Annual GO Campaign Gala in Los Angeles. And Katy was also there, so the three hanged out together. Both Robert and Katy seemed to be happy and they actually seemed to be wearing matching black outfits, while FKA twigs’ was spotted in white. 

According to People magazine, Robert seemed to be acting goofy after Katy arrived at the table, trying to make everyone laugh. However, the whole report was dismissed by Gossip Cop, who claimed that the story is untrue. 

The first rumors on Katy and Robert dating emerged in 2013. At that time, Robert was dating Kristen Stewart and Katy dismissed the rumors. The popular singer actually said that the rumors were disrespectful to Robert’s girlfriend of that time. “I sent her a text message saying: ‘I know you’ve seen all this stuff but you know I wouldn’t disrespect you. I’m not that person,” Katy revealed.

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