Robert Pattinson: “Cosmopolis Gave Me Balls”

Robert Pattinson has frequently mentioned in his recent interviews that he feels he has become too mature to continue starring in the “Twilight” saga. Lucky for him, new offers from producers started to show up and Pattinson was hired to play in “Cosmopolis”, a movie which made him more courageous, says Us Weekly.

Robert Pattinson has just finished filming David Cronenberg’s film, “Cosmopolis”, which was inspired by Don DeLillo’s book of the same name. The leading role he got in the movie was a huge step forward in his career as the actor was able to show that he can play the part of a masculine character like Eric Packer. In fact, Pattinson feels a lot more courageous after impersonating this character. He told the press that the movie “gave him balls”.

The “Twilight” star explained that prior to this movie, he would take a lot of time reading and carefully analyzing every script before accepting or rejecting it. After “Cosmopolis”, Pattinson decided that he will simply accept every script that is handed to him taking advantage of every opportunity he gets to play in a film.

Judging by the looks of the trailer, Cronenberg has preserved the chaotic style of writer Don DeLillo. Real-life elements mingle with phantasmagoric components in the attempt to convey philosophical notions about the future. The movie portrays one day in the life of billionaire Eric Packer who almost loses his mind because of the sci-fi episodes he is confronted with.

David Cronenberg told the press that he had carefully studied Pattinson in order to see whether he was good enough for the role or not. The director saw him acting in the “Twilight” saga, but he was deeply impressed with the actor’s ability to play different roles in “Remember Me” and “Little Ashes”.

Cronenberg confessed that making this movie was hard not just for him, but for Robert Pattinson, also. He has never done a movie where the actor is always on the screen, but he thinks everything turned out OK, in the end.

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