Robert Downey Jr. Opens Up about Drug Abuse Past

Robert Downey Jr. decided to open up about his past. The famous actor revealed that he had some problems with drug abuse and claimed that he struggled with addiction. 

The famous Hollywood star made these revelations in an interview with Vanity Fair. The famous actor is also featured on the cover of the October issue of this magazine. It seems that Downey Jr. is not afraid to talk about the problems he experienced with substance abuse. Actually, these issues have not been simple to deal with for the star, almost ruining his career. 

Robert Downey Jr. has also had some problems with the law because of the addiction issue. The star served time at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison. The event dates back to 1999. The actor talked about that time, too. “Job one is get out of that cave. A lot of people do get out but don’t change,” he said.

“So the thing is to get out and recognize the significance of that aggressive denial of your fate, come through the crucible forged into a stronger metal,” the famous actor explained. The star also continued to say that maybe his son inherited his additions. 

Indio, the 20 year old son of Robert Downey Jr., had been arrested and charged with felony drug possession last month. Naturally, this incident has marked the famous actor. “He’s his mother’s son and my son, and he’s come up the chasm much quicker than we did,” the star said. However, the actor proved to be supportive with her son throughout this hard time. 

Still, Robert Downey Jr. has many reasons to be happy, too. The famous actor is enjoying a successful career. Moreover, Robert Downey Jr. is set to welcome a child soon. So, his wife, popular producer Susan Downey, is pregnant and is expected to give birth to a baby girl in November. The two already have a 2 year old son together, Exton. Indio is Robert Downey Jr.’s son from his first marriage, to Deborah Falconer. 

Robert claimed to be extremely excited to become a dad for the third time and to welcome his baby girl.  

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