Robert De Niro Apologizes For “White First Lady” Joke

Even professionals like Robert De Niro could make mistakes when they desperately try to be funny. The actor took part at a Democratic fundraiser on Monday with Michelle Obama and other important personalities. During the event, De Niro tried to lighten up the spirits by joking about the possibility of having a “white first lady” at the White House after the November elections, but his remark was not appreciated, says Reuters.

Robert De Niro was asked to host the Democratic fundraiser on Monday together with other celebrities. The actor was supposed to introduce Michelle Obama as the main speaker, but the joke he made was not very appropriate for the occasion. Trying to show his support to the Obama family, the Oscar-winning star pronounced the names of the wives of the Republican candidates and then, concluded that America was not ready for a “white first lady”. “Callista Gingrich, Karen Santorum, Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” was the actor’s satirical question to which he responded “Too soon, right?”

The satirical jest was criticized by most people who were present at the event, but especially by Michelle Obama and by the Republican candidates. Newt Gingrich told the press that De Niro’s remarks were inexcusable and divisive, whereas Michelle Obama only described them as “inappropriate”.

The “Raging Bull” star realized that his joke was out of line; therefore, he released an official statement in order to apologize for his behavior. Robert De Niro declared that he didn’t mean to offend or embarrass anyone with his joke. The actor confessed that the remarks were meant to be satirical, yet, he never intended to cause any discontent to the first lady.

Some may be tempted to interpret De Niro’s “white first lady” joke as racist, but the actor is in fact a true supporter of the African-American community. Both his first and second wives are African-Americans; therefore, his joke shouldn’t be viewed as anything else except what it really is: an inappropriate attempt to show his support towards the Democratic Party.

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  1. First off! If anybody knew de Niro,you would know he is the furthest thing from a racist,secondly, the man timing is the worst unless in front of a camera. So in all,give the man the benefit Of the doubt .Ciao!

  2. First off! If anybody knew deniro,you would know he is the furthest thing from a racist,secondly, the man timing is the worst unless in front of a camera. So in all,give the man the benifit Of the doudt .Cao!

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