Rob Lowe plays killer in Untouchable

Rob Lowe is set to play a 58-year-old character in the movie Untouchable, filming in Los Angeles, California. For the role he has had to make some changes in his appearance so if you think you’re going to see the sexy Lowe, you are going to extremely disappointed. Instead, you will see him older than you expect, in the role of a killer, jailed for murdering his wife. If you want to see him with a mustache, don’t miss this.

Rob Lowe is now 47 years old. But for the role that he was assigned in Untouchable, he will play a much older character. His hair will become grey, he’s going to grow a mustache and all in all, you’re going to see a version of what Rob Lowe may look like in ten years from now. The transformation takes up to nine hours to create. And this, every day of the shooting, according to People magazine.

We have been used to see the Parks and Recreation star in “good guy” roles, so watching him playing a killer is going to be interesting. This role will show another side of the actor, making him a more complete artist of the wide screen.

Untouchable is a Lifetime thriller about a man, Drew Peterson, a former Illinois police sergeant, who is accused of the murder of his third wife. Peterson is jailed since May 2009 for drowning Kathleen Savio. His fourth wife, who has been missing since October 2007 is thought to have been the victim of Peterson criminal actions as well, but for tnoe, there is no proof. It is not known what the movie put an accent on. The perspective might include some solutions to the situation, the trial, or a connection that this might one day happen in real life.

Until then, enjoy seeing Rob Lowe in the sitcom Parks and Recreation, airing on NBC.

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