Rob Lowe Opens Up About Alcohol and Sex Addiction

80’s teen icon Rob Lowe opens up about his relationship and his way to rehab while promoting his new released book.

While invited to the CNN TV show Piers Morgan Tonight, Lowe said that he loved the rehab experience. He was addicted to drug and sex and entered rehab in 1988 after a sex scandal. When asked by the chat host, Piers Morgan, what was that experience like for him he claimed that he loved it because he was ready for it and he wanted to have “the tools to lead the kind of life” he wanted to live. “The problem is people go to rehab and they’re not ready” he said. Since then Rob has been sober and has enjoyed the good life of a star.

In the further conversation Rob classifies himself as an alcoholic explaining how a person that has been an alcoholic once, will be forever addicted to alcohol and the only thing that he can do to maintain his life on the right track is to not drink at all. When asked by Morgan if he can how watch TV while drinking a glass of wine with no worries Lowe said: “If I have a glass of wine, inevitably it’s two glasses of wine, it just begins and continued “That’s how you know you’re one of us or you’re not.”

For Rob Lowe rehab has worked. But that doesn’t mean that everybody who takes that step is “ready” like he said. According to Lowe, his colleague on the hall f fame, Charlie Sheen, wasn’t ready. That’s why he said that rehab doesn’t work. The program has specific rules that have to be followed and the person entering the rehab has to follow those steps no matter what, leaving behind his or her desires for uniqueness.

When asked about his reasons for going sober he said that the number one reason is oneself. One cannot do this step for anyone else before oneself. Then he explained the crucial role that his wife Cheryl played in his rehab decision. “She was my best friend” he said. “She wanted me to win, to be the best I could be” he added, when explaining the reason that he picked her over all the women that were around.

The book that Rob Lowe wrote recently is a memoir of all the things he went through, including this experience. The memoir is named “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” and promises narrations of personal experiences and thoughts he had never told publicly.

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  1. The book sounds interesting but I must admit I am a little tired of celebrity tell-alls. I just read “The Disease of More” (http://www.diseaseofmore.com) by Eleanor R (an anonymous non-celebrity) and it was refreshing (and heartbreaking at times) to read a “real-person’s” story of their struggle with alcohol and food addiction. For those tired of the same old celebrity memoirs I recommend this as a refreshing alternative.

  2. What is Rob Lowe’s destiny? A flaccid penis with a scrotal hydrocele complicated by an inflamed prolapsed rectum.
    I look forward to reading his next memoir.

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