Rob Lowe: Charlie Sheen Suffers From Terminal Uniqueness

Yesterday, while on the Piers Morgan Tonight show, broadcast in CNN, Rob Lowe said that Charlie Sheen is not right about rehab, saying that is doesn’t work, and indirectly called him terminal uniqueness sufferer.

Rob Lowe is a charismatic character and an attractive man. And it feels like “attractive” is not enough to describe this man that looks incredibly gorgeous on the cover of Vanity Fair.

He pose, shirtless, with a rough look, reminds of the Coca Cola commercials where a hunk opens up a Coke and drinks from it while a few drops make their way on his chest and down to his stomach, though the path of the 6 pack muscles. He was an ‘80s child and now he is a Hollywood icon.

Nevertheless, under all the glamour the Californian world of the movies promises, there were a lot of struggle and suffering hidden. And now, the 47 year-old actor has put all his life experience in a memoir called “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” which will be published at the end of this month.

During the Piers Morgan Tonight Show, Lowe answered many questions regarding his time in rehab. He decided to go there after much scandal in the press about a sex tape.

When asked how he felt about that step he said it was the best thing that happened to him, because he was losing control on his own life and he wanted to get the tools to make it work again. In his opinion, the most important role in the decision to go to rehab is the motivation you have within you.

At this point, TV show host Morgan said that Charlie Sheen had said that rehab doesn’t work. Rob argued that it can only work when you abandon all your plans and decisions with regard to the program. “You don’t get to make up your own special rules. We have a name for people like that. Those are people who suffer from terminal uniqueness. You don’t get to do it your way!”

We congratulate Rob for all the power he had to get back on his feet and continue to work in and still remain in love with the show business, where, as he said at the end of the show “there is a lot not to like”.

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