Riva Audio Turbo X, a new portable Bluetooth Speaker

Riva Audio is a newcomer on the portable Bluetooth speakers market. This company was founded by Rikki Farr, known for his career in the music business.

However, Riva Audio Turbo X is probably one of the best portable speakers on the market. Still, its biggest problem is its price, 350 dollars. However, when looking at other prices, Turbo X seems to be one of the most expensive speakers around. 

Riva Audio Turbo X comes with a beautiful and elegant design, featuring glossy finishes. This speaker is available in two different colors: black and white.

Probably, the white model is suitable for every room and it also looks good. Moreover, this speaker is splash poof, due to its hidden rubber gasket located on the bottom of the device. However, this is not a unique feature, because every speaker on the market usually has this feature, even more so when talking about a 350 dollars speaker. 

Well, Riva Audio Turbo X doesn’t have incredible and unique features, probably just the proximity sensor that allows users to wave their hand over the speaker and the buttons located on the top will light up. This feature is pretty handy, especially in dark rooms. Riva Audio Turbo X also has a USB port located on the back that can also charge a smartphone or a tablet. 

Moreover, it has a special phono mode for connecting a turntable. To be mentioned that this speaker weighs approximately 3.5 pounds, making it a little bit heavy to carry around. Another best feature that can be found on Riva Audio Turbo X is the battery life, which is rated at an amazing 26 hours. To be added that this package doesn’t come with a carrying case, but users could choose such an option at the price of 30 dollars.

As for the sound, Riva Audio Turbo X delivers a well-balanced sound profile, but the real difference between other speakers on the market is the high volume. This speaker can play very loud and retain good definition without a minimal distortion.

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