Rio Fashion Week Has Bikinis On Display

For most fashionistas, Rio de Janeiro is quite a scene to see. The Rio Fashion Week brings along more than a variety of bikinis on display. It is a spectacular fashion extravaganza that nobody in the world of fashion should miss out on.

If other fashion shows would focus on high end, charity outfits kind of displays, when it comes to the sunny and exotic Rio de Janeiro, swimwear is the focus. There’s just no other way around it. And if you’re planning an unforgettable holiday, then make sure you’ve got your swimwear trends right.

Now, when it comes to Rio de Janeiro, everybody knows one thing: bikinis are on display, no matter what. Whether you’re hanging out on the beach in front of the luxury Hotel Fasano or hitting the streets for shopping, a hot bikini and some inspired accessories are a must.

On May 22nd, in Rio de Janeiro fashionistas around Brazil and throughout the world gathered for a fashion extravaganza. The spring summer edition of Fashion Rio gathered the best the swimwear fashion has to offer. Blue Man, Oh, Boy!, Tryia, Cia. Maritima, Reserva and Lenny presented their hot collections.

For designer Daniele Schwartz, Rio Fashion Week was her debut. She introduced the Oh, Boy! brand to Rio fashionistas. For the debut, Daniele Schwartz chose a collection inspired by Tokyo: “When we thought about the oriental culture we decided to focus on Japan, Tokyo specially”. “We decided to not talk only about the traditional part, we decided to bring a little of Tokyo’s innovations to the runway” added the designer.

Blue Man is already a popular brand when it comes to swimwear fashion. For this collection, designers prepared neon colors and “how-low-can-you-go V necks”. In a few words, if you feel bold, then a Blue Man swimsuit might be your right choice.

However, despite all that Rio Fashion Week had to offer, Triya had the most memorable collection. Fox News writes that “many of Triya’s offerings looked like what you might get to wear to an ultra-chic beachside rave thrown by a billionaire”. Purple, blue and violet mixed together is lovely patterns, while the stunning accessories made sure the model and the outfit are truly put under the spotlight.

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