Rihanna Wants To Get “Chunky”

Following a series of health issues, Rihanna told Us Weekly that she wants to get “chunky” again. The “Where Have You Been” singer doesn’t like being a size zero because she thinks it’s unhealthy, so she plans to take better care of her in the future.

Several weeks ago Rihanna was hospitalized and doctors stated that the singer was exhausted after too much work. The interpreter agreed to open up about her hospitalization during a recent interview with Us Weekly. She explained that she fainted because she didn’t get to sleep at all before the Met Ball last month. “It’s harsh on your body!” said the Barbadian singer in the attempt to convince fans that this was the only reason behind her hospitalization.

Despite her declarations, Rihanna’s fans are not convinced. They believe the singer’s recent behavior might be a signal for more serious problems, such as, drug addiction. The photos that Rihanna posted on her Twitter account give them more reasons to worry about the artist’s health condition.

Unlike other celebrities who are making great efforts to lose weight, Rihanna is not happy that she is a size zero. She admitted that she went too far and she is now making efforts to gain a few pounds. When it comes to her body figure, the “Where Have You Been” interpreter likes to be “chunkier”.

As a matter of fact, the singer has frequently stated in the past that she thinks her butt is her greatest asset. Now that she has lost a few pounds, RiRi is no longer satisfied with her forms and she plans to do everything to get her “old butt back”.

The 24-year-old star did not reveal any details in relation to the diet she will follow. She only stated that she plans to get a lot of rest because she was very busy lately working for her seventh CD.

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