Rihanna Sues Former Accountants

Rihanna’s reps announced on Thursday that the singer is suing her former accountants for the millions of dollars they caused her to lose. According to the Associated Press, RiRi realized she registered more losses than revenue during her 2009 tours and wants to get her financial counselors to pay.

Rihanna hired her accountants when she was only 16 years old; therefore, she wasn’t aware of the scams financials counselors could make. It was only recently that the Barbadian singer discovered that she was supposed to own more money considering the numerous tours she had organized.

After careful analyses, the “Where Have You Been Interpreter” reached the conclusion that her former accountants didn’t do their job correctly. There is but one way for the artist to recover what is rightfully hers, that is, by filing a lawsuit against the people who are responsible for her financial losses. The information on the document read that Rihanna accuses the former accountants of “tens of millions of dollars in losses, shoddy bookkeeping, a failure to recommend she trim expenses when a 2009 tour was losing money and an ongoing audit by the Internal Revenue Service”.

The singer explained that she expected her financial counselors to give her advice in order to avoid investments that were not profitable enough for her. The accountants, however, didn’t care much whether the artist was making money or not; they seemed more preoccupied of getting big shares for them, while RiRi was performing on tours that were not at all proficuous.

Her 2009 tour called, “Last Girl On Earth” registered substantial revenue, but Rihanna found out that she was left with big losses at the end of it. Her lawyers sustained her declaration by saying that the high net profits were bigger than 40 percent of the tour revenue, but she got almost nothing. This stands, according to lawyers, as a proof that Rihanna was tricked by her former accountants. In addition, the pop star received very little sums of money because they did not provide a bigger budget for her.

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