Rihanna Straddles Chris Brown In New Twitter Pic

All media’s eyes turned towards Rihanna’s Twitter account on Friday when the singer decided to post a new pic of her and her former boyfriend, Chris Brown. This time, however, the image is expected to make many more headlines as the singer reveals her generous posterior while straddling Chris Brown, says Us Weekly.

The never ending love story between Rihanna and Chris Brown continues as the “Diamonds” interpreter posted another pic on her Twitter account on Friday. The image shows RiRi dressed in an all-white outfit and straddling someone that appears to be her former boyfriend, Chris Brown. The photo was taken by a third person and slanderous tongues have even suggested that the singer carefully studied her body posture in order to emphasize some of her physical assets. Indeed, the 24-year-old singer’s bottom is the focal point of the picture.

Rihanna left a comment on Chris Brown’s Instagram account saying that she doesn’t want to part from him. “I dont wanna leave!!!” she wrote underneath the photo of her and the R&B artist. She further added: “Killed it tonight baby!!!” making reference to the concert that Brown held in Frankfurt, Germany on Thursday.

The on again off again lovers have spent Thanksgiving Day together in Berlin. Soon after, they posted a picture on their Twitter accounts showcasing their matching Rolex watches. Rihanna was very excited about her “new toy”, so she invited her millions of followers to take a look at her new watch. Her post was quickly followed by Chris Brown’s Instagram photo of his gold Rolex accompanied by the message “Ball game!”

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been very affectionate with each other in the past months, but they never agree to tell the press whether they have decided to get back together or not. Rihanna recently told host Andy Cohen that her relationship with Chris Brown is “nobody’s business”. Yet, she continues to post revealing pictures of her and the R&B star.

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  1. Ain’t none o’ my business… Just keep respect chris& ya do good boy! Ri deserve a lotta love as do every woman&gal in dis World ..xox Wish you both all the luck & real protection in Life.. Prayin’ for World Peace! (What anybody wanna fight for?) Express feelings in ways that nobody get hurt. O.K.xox

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