Rihanna’s Drug Photos Spark Controversies

R&B singer, Rihanna published a series of photos of her consuming drugs at the Coachella concerts. The pics sparked a lot of controversies, especially since they were shared by various music networks like MTV. Fans fear that Rihanna might follow in the footsteps of the late Whitney Houston and suggest her to go to rehab.

RiRi has made abuse of her Twitter and Instagram accounts these days and judging by the looks of the photos, we think it’s safe to say that it was not only social network that she was abusing. The singer was highly criticized both by her fans and by celeb sites for posting pictures of herself while smoking pot during the Coachella concert.

There was one pic that offended fans the most, that is, the one in which Rihanna is standing on top of her bodyguard’s head rolling a marijuana leaf. The debate started because some people have claimed that the white substance on the bodyguard’s head is not marijuana, but cocaine. Fans fear that Rihanna might be going down the same path as the recently deceased singer Whitney Houston, so they suggested her to get specialized treatment.

This was not the only photo that the “We Found Love” interpreter posted last weekend. She was also seen partying in company of Snoop Dog and Warren G. Later on, RiRI went to Hawaii where she posted another set of topless photos while standing near a waterfall.

Rihanna was quick to fire back at the accusations that the media brought against her. After seeing the link that MTV posted on her Twitter account, the singer wrote “Yikes. . . I ran out of f-cks to give”. The network deleted their initial post and then wrote “Well played” on her account.

Whether she was consuming cocaine or not Rihanna is clearly going through a difficult period. Las October she told reporters that she is having a hard time playing the part of a role model. She further stated that this was not her intention; it was something that people and especially “white people” expected her to be.

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