Rihanna’s 777 Tour: “Huge Disappointment”

Rihanna’s 777 Tour may have debuted with champagne and gifts, but it all ended as a “huge disappointment”, according to the journalists who accompanied her on board of the private jet. Aware of her guests’ discontent, the Barbadian singer apologized for her absence on the last day of the tour.

The 24-year-old interpreter thought her global 777 Tour was going to be praised all over the world, but editors’ reports were far from positive. Fans and press representatives got tired of following the singer all over the place and started various protests to express their discontent.

Most reporters complained that Rihanna avoided them throughout the entire tour. She was either performing on stage or sleeping in her cabin, so it was very difficult to get any declarations or pictures from her. An Australian respondent, who could no longer bear with Rihanna’s indifference, decided to strip naked and run across the plane as a sign of protest. Another journalist from London created fake “Missing” flyers featuring Rihanna’s photo to determine her to give one-on-one interviews.

RiRi agreed to come out of her cabin and speak with respondents on the plane during the last day of the tour. Trying to ignore all the bored, tired and even vexed faces, Rihanna addressed all the passengers telling them that they have finally come to the end of the 777 Tour. For her, it was an experience that she will never forget, partially because she managed to visit the most important centers of the world in seven days, partially because she was very tired during the whole time. The “Only Girl In The World” explained that she barely managed to sleep in between concerts and most of the sleeping was done on the plane, which is why she was absent most of the time.

The “Unapologetic” tour might have ended with an apology, after all, but Rihanna doesn’t regret anything. She thanked everyone on the plane for accompanying her and claimed she would do it all over again if she had the chance.

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  1. More thought should have been put in the invite. A hectic traveling schedule for 7 straight days dont sound fun. These journalist should stop whining & realize they could have made the best of it. These hollywood reporters would not make it in Gaza. I think they would have complained about the epic experience of Woodstock.

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