Rihanna is Vogue cover in April!

Rihanna posted a while ago on her Twitter account that she will be the cover of Vogue, but she didn’t mention when. Now it’s finally revealed: Rihanna is Vogue Cover in April! Shot by Annie Lebowitz the theme is apparently the beach beauty, prepping readers for a California style summer.

The beautiful and seductive singer missed her chance to pose for the glossy in 2009 after her nude photos surfaced. But it looks like she more than made up for the lost opportunity. With her flaming red hair and attractive body she is more that a good choice for the fashion magazine’s cover. There is a rumor that the Vogue photos were a little manipulated with photoshop, but the interesting part is that it isn’t Rihanna benefiting from the alterations but rather the background.


If we look better on the Vogue cover she looks like a sexy mermaid. What do you think?

Almost appearing as though she was in a studio and a picture of the ocean cut in behind her. The cover teases that Rihanna dishes about “fame, family and how she really feels about her curves.” That seems to be an interesting article, especially the last part. What she really feels about her curves?
    Over the time, Rihanna has become something of a fashion icon, she is known for her frequent changes of look (always better!). Her hair went from natural long light brown, to short black bob, then blond and finally today, she is a really beautiful redhead.

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