Rihanna Gets Hospitalized After Too Much Partying

Rihanna is the perfect example for those who don’t know that too much of a good thing can be bad, as well. The singer has become very popular, in the past two years; however, friends fear that her excessive partying might turn out to be destructive. RiRi was, in fact, hospitalized on Tuesday morning after painting the town red at the Met Costume Institute Gala in New York City, says Us Weekly.

Everybody, who has been around Rihanna lately, realized that it is time for the artist to take a break and get her mind right. The first time fans started to worry about the singer’s behavior was during the Coachella festival when Rihanna took photos of herself while smoking weed. Since then, she has been touring around the country and partying on every occasion. Sources say that RiRi had a little bit too much fun at the Met Costume Institute Gala in New York City and she was taken to hospital the next day.

Rihanna confirmed the news that she was in the hospital by posting yet another picture on her Twitter account. The image showed the artist’s arm hooked up to an IV drip. Us Weekly contacted the singer’s reps and they told the press that she had to be hydrated because she suffered from a powerful flu last week. She was, in fact, so sick that she had to skip her Saturday rehearsals for “Saturday Night Live”, but her reps reassured everyone that the singer is already feeling better.

Close sources, on the other hand, think the “Battleship” star is not sick, just exhausted from too much drinking and partying. According to them, RiRi goes clubbing almost every night with her entourage. Last week, she was seen drinking alcohol and smoking weed in a strip club.

Although she talks a lot about smoking weed, the 24-year-old interpreter of “Where Have You Been?” doesn’t acknowledge she has a problem. Her friends advised her to slow down and maybe follow some therapy, but Rihanna continues to ignore them.

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  1. Rihanna is so young, and she comes from Barbados, where the life style is so different from what she has grown to know, until she is just over doing it all the time, I fear the worst will happen to her if she doesnt slow down and smell the roses, and coffee. I fear if she keeps on this path she may end up just like our beloved Whitney Houston. No one could tell her any thing either and then they found her dead in that Hollywood Hotel room @ the Hilton. May be her mon should try reaching out to her. They say the younger the stars starts out they do not mature past that age. So this is the nature of the beast. I am now so happy that when I wanted to sing in night clubs, my parents were dead set against it at 14 and 15yrs old dead set. I was not bold enough to ignore them, and to for it, I just listen. I probably wouldve distroyed myself to. God be with all of them whose out there in that fast paced life style. God knows, every day people are on the fast track too but, not through times, zones, and different countries, and climates, this all takes a toll on your emotional, and physical healt. TAI

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