Rihanna and Drake Rumored to be a Couple

It seems that a new celebrity couple alert has emerged. According to the latest rumors, Rihanna and Drake might be dating. The dating rumors emerged after the two famous singers were spotted together at a private afterparty, in Miami. 

So, it has been revealed that after Rihanna’s performance in Miami on Tuesday, the star attended an afterparty, where she met up with Drake.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the pair were seen getting quite cozy as they were enjoying a great time. One insider said that Rihanna and Drake bowled, ice skated and took several selfies together. 

Furthermore, insiders said that the two were “definitely flirty” and they were actually seen dancing together throughout the entire night. The famous stars were accompanied by some friends. “He is a really good ice skater,” one source said, explaining that Drake was really nice trying to help Rihanna improve her ice skating skills. 

The afterparty meeting was reportedly planned by Drake, who reserved the venue with the main purpose to invite the beautiful singer and her friends. However, it is important to mention that the two were not spotted leaving the venue together. Furthermore, while Rihanna is still in the city filming her new music video, we cannot say the same thing about Drake, who reportedly left the town. 

Well, although insiders claimed that the two stars were getting quite cozy, some sources actually said that Rihanna is not willing to cheat on her relationship with Travis Scott. “Drake loves being around a bevy of woman while Rihanna’s heart is with Travis Scott,” an insider explained according to Hollywood Life.

“She really wants to nurture that relationship, that’s why she really isn’t exploiting it. She’s letting it become something special. So that is where things stand between them all right now,” the same source went on to add. The insider also clarified the fact that Drake and Rihanna are just friends. The source said that a relationship between the two would surely work, but they just want to keep things as they are. 

“Their connection is deep, but they would rather be friends forever than anything else,” the insider concluded. 

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