Rielle Hunter And John Edwards No Longer Together

Earlier this month, Rielle Hunter was revealing new details about the controversial presidential candidate John Edwards. In a new book about her romance with Edwards, Hunter was talking about him having multiple mistresses. It looks like going public might have damaged their romance, because Rielle Hunter and John Edwards are no longer together.

Last week, Rielle Hunter had an interview with ABC about her new book “What Really Happened”. She talked about her romance with John Edwards, their daughter Frances Quinn and explained she wanted people to know the real story. At that moment it wasn’t clear whether Rielle Hunter and John Edwards were still a couple. Even the book seemed unclear about that.

During an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News’ “Good Morning America”, Rielle Hunter came forward and announced she and Edwards called it quits. The two broke things off last week.

“We are a family, but as of the end of last week John Edwards and I are no longer a couple. Not at all”, she admitted to Stephanopoulos the same day her book was released. Rielle Hunter added she loved Edwards but when Stephanopoulos asked her about his feelings for her, she answered: “You have to ask him. I think he does. I mean I feel that he does”.

Rielle Hunter’s interview on “Good Morning America” started with a difficult question. The host asked her if she’d be willing do it all over again, knowing how things have unfolded. “Would I do that again? No way. Absolutely not” she answered.

Truth be told Rielle Hunter has been facing a lot of scrutiny ever since the first rumors about her romance with Edwards surfaced in the media. After all that time, her book revealed even more details about Edwards’ particular interest for women, as she revealed he had multiple mistresses.

But even with Hunter’s new book, there still are a lot of people that did not take well her criticism of Edwards’ wife. Elizabeth Edwards was suffering from cancer during their affair and has since died. Whoopi Goldberg even accused her of trashing “a dead lady”. Hunter defended herself, saying she was only being truthful about her experience of their marriage.

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