Rick Ross & Young Jeezy BET Awards Fight Video Goes Viral

The new video released by TMZ illustrating rappers Rick Ross and Young Jeezy during the BET Awards fight went viral as many people accessed the link to see what caused the brawl. Based on the recorded images, the altercation could have gotten a lot worse, but security guards separated the two hip hop singers.

Rick Ross & Young Jeezy made this year’s edition of the BET Hip-Hop Awards memorable after a scuffle erupted between the two camps. Sources claim the fight started during a tribute to hip hop manager, Chris Lighty, who committed suicide in August. The altercation was caught on camera and the images were transmitted by most online websites.

The video shows the two rappers and their close friends pushing each other in the backstage. Safety guards arrived in time to prevent the brawl from taking bigger proportions, but the two camps continued threatening and offending each other. Just when security guards thought they put an end to the fight, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy went in the parking lot to continue their altercation. Police arrived around 7:30, so the rappers separated.

Social networks like Twitter were the main channels of communication that rappers used to announce their fans about the violent episode taking place in the parking lot. Some messages wrote gun shots were fired and police officers had to arrest some of the people involved in the brawl. These rumors were denied by the Atlanta Police Department who reassured people there were no shots and no people were arrested on Saturday evening.

The guests who took part at the BET Awards on Saturday didn’t know that a scandal broke loose outside the Convention Center in Atlanta. They were later informed that the building had been temporarily locked down in order to prevent the audience from getting involved in the fight.

The episode was also tackled by BET Networks who stated in their most recent press release that it is unfortunate this year’s edition of the Hip-Hop Awards was disturbed by the scandal between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. They reminded everyone that the network is making great efforts to promote hip hop culture in Atlanta and concluded the statement by stating that BET Networks does not condone any type of violence.

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