Rick Perry Is Back In The Spotlight With Super PAC Plans

Rick Perry has lost his media coverage after he had to come to terms with his failed presidential campaign. But if you imagined the Texas Governor simply stood by quietly during this time, you’d be wrong. Rick Perry is now back in the spotlight with plans for a super PAC.

It goes without saying that Rick Perry has learned a lot during his short presidential bid. His opponents were indeed strong candidates with a lot more experience in the field. During the Republican presidential nomination race, Perry got to enjoy the second frontrunner position for a short time. But the competition with Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich overshadowed Rick Perry and voters noticed.

Since his presidential bid failed, Rick Perry decided to make something out of it, and thus he got the idea it would be nice to have the rest of the unused presidential campaign cash transferred into his gubernatorial campaign account.

Last month, Rick Perry’s presidential campaign had made a request with the Federal Election Commission to approve the creation of a new Pac or super Pac. The commission approved the governor’s request today.

Perry’s super PAC is a common option when it comes to candidates for the federal office. Whether they decide to donate the leftover cash to other candidates still in the race or to use it for other campaigns, super PAC’s allow them to accept donations without been subjected to limits. Rich people, corporations and even unions can make such donations, but the donation limits do pertain for other political action committees beyond paying for TV ads.

For now, we still don’t know what Rick Perry plans to do with the leftover money. A statement made by the governor said he would use the cash to “continue promoting policies of fiscal and social conservatism, limited government and those that respect and uphold the tenets of the 10th Amendment”.

Rick Perry’s leftover funds aren’t that significant, but are nonetheless useful. However, when looking at what he spent during his presidential bid, the leftover amount pales. On February 29th, Rick Perry’s presidential campaign account had $675,000. During the Republican presidential nomination race, the campaign had raised $19.9 million.

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