RFK Jr. Ex Wife, Mary Kennedy Found Dead

Yet another blow hits the Kennedy family. Even if it is Robert F. Kennedy Junior’s ex wife were talking about, the family did love her. RFK Jr. ex wife, May Kennedy was found dead.

For the Kennedy family it seems tragedies will never end. Its members have had quite a share of suspicious deaths, with 1968’s assassination of Robert F. Kennedy Sr. and 1972’s killing of his brother, President John F. Kennedy. In the early 90’s, John F. Kennedy Jr., wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette, sister-in-law died in a plane crash. Michael Kennedy died in a skiing accident and David Kennedy after a drug overdose.

Now, so many years after, reports say that RFK Jr.’s ex wife, Mary Kennedy, might have also had an odd death. In a police statement, it is written that Mary Kennedy was found in “an out building”, while the Bedford Police Department confirmed an investigation regarding “a possible unattended death” was initiated.

Two sources told the New York Times that Mary Kennedy’s body was found hanging in a barn (out building) at the back of the main house. Apparently, Mary Kennedy even left a note. However an autopsy must be performed before the cause of death will be released.

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s chief of staff released the following statement: “It is with deep sadness that the family of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. mourns the loss of Mary Richardson Kennedy, wife and mother of their four beloved children”. The statement adds: “Mary inspired our family with her kindness, her love, her gentle soul and generous spirit”.

Her own family also released a statement that reads: “We deeply regret the death of our beloved sister Mary, whose radiant and creative spirit will be sorely missed by those who loved her. Our heart goes out to her children who she loved without reservation”.

Although Robert F. Kennedy filed for divorce two years ago, the family attorney adds that the marriage was still valid. In the divorce filling, details of their personal life spilled out, and illustrated a Mary Kennedy that had troubles with alcohol consumption, more than on one occasion. She was arrested once over DUI charges and a second time for prescription drugs intoxication while driving.

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