review – Reviewing Tablets Under $100: The 7” Zeepad 7.0

Do you know you can find a tablet with Android 4.0, inbuilt Wi-Fi and overall decent tech specs and features for under $100? Really cheap tablets don’t usually make the headlines, so chances are you have never heard or read before about the 7” Zeepad 7.0. Leaving alone the uninspired brand name, Zeepad 7.0 is a tablet that sells for only $70.00 (new) on Amazon.

Many people don’t even look at tablets that sell for under $199, since they’ve been constantly bombarded with Google, Amazon, iPad and Samsung reviews. But not everybody wants or can afford spending at least $200 on a tablet, particularly when being tech savvy isn’t their thing. For the most part, people looking for a tablet usually are interested in plain, hassle-free devices that basically run by themselves and sell for affordable prices.

On Amazon, customers gave the 7” Zeepad 7.0 with Wi-Fi and Android 4.0,  4.5 out of 5 stars. The tablet is 7.64 × 4.72 × 0.31inch and weighs 19.86oz, so it’s not all that light, but then again…for $70it’s a pretty good bargain. The 7’ inch tablet packs a 1.5GHz CPU Boxchip A13 Cortex A8 and inbuilt memory of 512 MB (can be extended with a micro SD/TF card) so it is able to run the 20,000 apps in Google Play quite decently.

With Android you get default services and apps such as Gmail and Maps as well as Skype with video call support, built-in speaker and microphone. 7” Zeepad 7.0 also runs Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF Reader and plays most common video and audio formats. It also runs Netflix movies and you can use a regular pencil as a stylus in drawing apps.

People who bought the 7” Zeepad 7.0 gave it great reviews, appreciating it is a very user-friendly lower end tablet with an interface that resembles a bit Macintosh OS 9 I, despite these caveats:

Battery life is only 4 hours.

No HDMI to connect to a TV or movie projector.

Faulty GPS.

Chargers are likely to break down.

The 7” Zeepad 7.0 sells for a suspiciously low price, but people who bought it were so impressed they’re planning to buy it again despite the caveats. It’s basically not a bad tablet, although the front camera is good only for Skype and it would be better if it had a lot more memory. But at $58, the 7” Zeepad 7.0 is one of the most appealing tablets under $100.

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