Tips To Program Yourself Thin From Jim Katsoulis

As a Master Hypnotist and Yoga Instructor, Jim Katsoulis has discovered the secret to a perfect body. The author of the Program Yourself Thin fitness package has provided us with some of the tips that people can use in order to attain the desired figure and to put an end to their food cravings.

Food cravings are the worst enemy for people trying to keep a diet. This works hand in hand with the weak human brain which tries to convince us that eating certain products can influence our disposition.

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Jim Katsoulis has studied this aspect during the 3,000 private weight loss sessions he has offered to his clients and the professional training hours he observed in order to become a good lifestyle coach. He was, thus, able to identify the factors that prevent people from staying thin and how to eliminate them from our daily existence.

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The word that is most often used to talk about diets is ‘will’ as dieticians and nutritionists try to encourage their patients to follow the regime for as long as possible. The one thing they neglect, in Jim Katsoulis’ opinion, is the fact that ‘will’ originates in our brain and it is from the brain that we must start programming ourselves to becoming thinner.

Jim has adapted Freud’s distinction of the Id, Ego and Super-Ego to his theory and has thus noticed that people’s food choices are influenced by the conscious and the unconscious parts of their brains. The conscious part of the brain is the rational component trying to prevent us from eating unhealthy products, whereas the unconscious part contains all the automatic habits we acquire during our life. It is the unconscious part that pushes people into eating sweets whenever they feel depressed, angry, etc.; therefore, people must re-educate their unconscious brains so they would be directed towards healthy habits instead of unhealthy ones whenever they feel under the weather.

This is where Jim’s hypnosis and yoga skills come in. The videos he has included in the Program Yourself Thin package teach people how to completely change their beliefs and behaviors about diets. There are six components that have been included in the package, so buyers would easily learn how to reprogram themselves and maintain this healthy lifestyle for a long period of time, if possible, for the rest of their lives. Thus, if you order the $97 Program Yourself Thin package you will obtain “A Quick Start Guide”, “Eight Audio Training Modules”, “6 Specialized Self Hypnotic Programming Sessions”, “Training Videos”, “Expert Interviews” and “Class Summaries”.

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