The Shapeshifter Academy Manual Review

The Shapeshifter Academy Manual is a 9-step program that can help you effectively tone and shape your body. It is addressed to both people who never practice sports and to those who are fervid practitioners of physical exercises, but find themselves in the impossibility of improving their body shape.

The Shapeshifter program contains 9 items that are usually sold for $579.00, but which can now be downloaded for only $94.

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The creator of the Shapeshifter program has been a body builder and a practitioner of various sports for decades, so he has enough experience to give weight loss advice to people. The Shapeshifter program takes into account three major sins that people make when trying to improve their physical condition.

The first one is the practice of one type of activity for a long period of time. Your body grows used to this type of exercises and it will no longer melt fat during physical effort. The second mistake is the adoption of a low-carb diet that turns ineffective after a period of time and thirdly, leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock, the two coaches who have joined hands for the production of this 9-step program have provided a solution for all the three mistakes that people usually make. They suggested people to stop practicing the same sport for a long period of time and, instead, include various styles and exercises within the same training session.

The same is valid for the carb levels they ingest each day, that is, the body has to be tricked into burning carbs. The best method to do this is to alternate low carb days with higher carb days. Changing their lifestyles is extremely important for people who want to shape their bodies. Steer and Murdock recommend sport practitioners to avoid stressful situations as much as possible because stress is the number one cause leading to increased appetite.

The program they have devised helps people gradually make the life improvement they were searching for. People, who will purchase this package, will get 9 items they will use each day until they eventually grow accustomed to the new lifestyle. By ordering the $94 pack, you will receive the Shapeshifter Academy Manual that will teach you new physical exercises designed to improve your figure. The package also includes self-motivational materials (Printable Charts, Pre-Program Checklist, Printable Journal) which are very useful for those who want to keep track of exercises and lost pounds. The exercises you will practice come in two variants: printed and video materials, together with many additional supplements.

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