The 4 Cycle Solution to a Perfect Body Figure

Our body is designed to quickly adapt to changes in order to avoid consuming too much energy and to store provisions. This is the principle underlying Shaun Hadsall’s 4 Cycle Solution plan. The fat loss expert has applied the principles of “Adaptive Response” to help his clients get rid of unwanted body fat and get the figure they have always dreamt of.

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The 4 Cycle Solution is 4-stage diet that revolutionizes everything that has been known and practiced so far by nutritionists and body trainers. Until now, it was believed that carbs are evil, so they must be avoided by all means.

Shaun Hadsall, on the other hand, claims carbs are not necessarily bad as long as you know how and when to use them. He believes it is our body that has a slow response to the ingestion of carbs because the system gets used to this type of substance and no longer burns it at the right speed.

As a consequence, diets should constantly keep our digestive system alert if we want to lose weight without giving up our favorite dishes or planning our lives around our regime.

You’ll finally get the body you want with certainty and speed – all while ignoring ridiculous low carb fad diets with proven Carb Cycling strategies

Thanks to Hadsall’s diet, people can alternate between low and high carb days and, thus, enable the body to burn fats faster. The first cycle, the 7-Day Carb Depletion, program is meant to reprogram the body and teach it how to make a better use of the stored fat. This period is followed by the Macro-Patterning Cycle during which consumers get gradually accustomed to the alternative patterns they have to perform in order to quickly lose weight. After getting used to the main steps that people have to perform, the Accelerated Fat Loss Cycle takes things to a more rapid pace for better and bigger results. Thus, followers will alternate low and high carb meals during different time intervals of the day, as well as during different days of the week.

The last stage, the Diet Break Cycle allows consumers to relax after a fast fat burning program and yet, maintain the teachings that have been acquired from the beginning of the new regime. During this phase, consumers will learn how to follow the diet day after day and gain as much energy as possible.

The 4 Cycle Solution program is not recommended to everyone because it can be rather severe. It is, therefore, recommended to consult a doctor before starting it. Shaun Hadsall has prepared numerous materials for buyers who are interested in ordering his product. In addition to the 4 guides, buyers will also receive various brochures containing information about physical exercises and vitamin supplements.

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