The 3 Principles of Scott Abel’s MET Program Review

Scott Abel is an experienced fitness trainer with years of experience in body building. He has discovered the three principles that people should apply in their fitness routines in order to melt fat and build lean muscles. Many trainers have tried to copy Scott Abel’s secret recipe, but clients have soon realized that they were just copy cats that didn’t understand the principles suggested by Scott Abel.

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Unlike most body building trainers, who think lifting increasingly heavier weights is the key to achieving bigger muscles,

Scott Abel comes to contradict this belief. He has noticed that lifting heavier weights has no effect on people’s muscle mass, except for causing them numerous back and shoulder injuries.

The correct way to build lean muscles depends on metabolic moves, on rep ranges and, finally, on exercises and planes of motion. These are the three main aspects trainees should bear in mind when trying to improve their physical condition.

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The exercises that Scott Abel recommends are the only ones that can build muscle mass during and after the training session. The nervous system is highly engaged during the training session suggested by Scott Abel and, therefore, body builders can eat as many carbs without getting fat. This is possible because Abel and the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia PhD, Nora Straznicky, have discovered that people with active nervous system can burn carbs and melt fatness faster than the rest of the people.

The good part about Scott Abel’s MET is that the program does not make you feel exhausted after one or two training sessions. Since no cardio exercises are involved, body builders can practice Abel’s MET program for as long as they want. Moreover, the training session may be followed even by people who are not allowed to practice cardio sessions because they have been designed to treat these affections instead of aggravating them.

Scott Abel knows that a good physical condition is obligatory for body builders to be able to continue their exercises. Trainees will not be able to lift weights if they get physically injured; therefore Abel combines exercises taking into account the problems that trainees have and the objectives they want to achieve. He constantly alternates rapid exercises with slow movements and invents new physical positions, so all group muscles could get well-trained.

Daily Gossip recommends Scott Abel’s Metabolic Enhancement Training to all people who want to practice correct exercises and develop lean muscles. The program has had remarkable results on all the people who have tested it, including patients suffering from obesity.

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  1. Too bad that you can’t be my personal trainer….this hybrid training program is the best i have tried so far…it’s definitely something that everyone should try.

  2. After only three months on Scott’s metabolic training program, the difference in my body was amazing,

    particularly so because I did absolutely NO CARDIO training during that time period. I’ve never been leaner, and both my strength and energy levels have increased.

    I’ve never felt more confident or been more motivated to keep on pushing harder to achieve my goals.

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