Shaun Hadsall’s 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan

Shaun Hadsall is a fat loss guru who has conquered all his clients’ heart through his extremely permissive diet. He is the creator of the Macro-Patterning plan which gives users the possibility to eat as much as they want and still lose weight. The regime is based on a carefully planned sequence of high and low carb days that train the body to easily do away with substances that are normally considered fattening and noxious.

Hadsall has discovered that our body needs to be trained in order to burn carbs faster. He rejects the previous diet plans according to which, people have to give up carbs completely in order to lose weight and get back in shape.

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The reason why Shaun thinks nutritionists were wrong to sustain this is because the longer you deprive your body of carbs, the more difficult it would be to burn them. The digestive system is no longer used to carbs, so the burning process takes longer, thus leading to the formation of fat cells.

The correct way to easily lose weight and eat as much as you like is, in Hadsall’s opinion, the Macro-Patterning Diet. This regime presupposes that the person alternates between high and low fat days while practicing fitness exercises to maintain a good muscle mass. The author of this diet plan guarantees that you will get to the desired body shape in just 14 days.

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Hadsall has created numerous diets all based on his Macro-Patterning Plan. However, the 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is the only one that guarantees the best results in the shortest amount of time. This regime presupposes the alternation between 3 days: the Carb Depletion Day, the Carb Up Day and the Free Day.

As the name says it, during the first day, people will give up carbs completely and turn instead to the consumption of products that are rich in proteins. The following day, on the other hand, you can feast yourself with your favorite dishes, even those containing lots of carbs. There is absolutely no food restriction in the second day; it is actually recommended to eat as many fattening products as possible. The Free Day is the day you get to eat normally without making any excesses.

The three-day scheme has to be carefully planned by a fat loss expert like Hadsall; otherwise, you may end up weighing more at the end of the diet. The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan will revolutionize your life and your system of beliefs, which is why it is recommended by so many doctors and nutritionists.

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