Review Of J. K Rowling’s New Adult Book

The Associated Press was among the first news websites to publish a review of J.K. Rowling’s new adult book, “The Casual Vacancy”. Although the novel is totally different than the previous works written by the British novelist, the accurate depiction of the characters’ feelings is what makes the book worth reading.

“The Casual Vacancy”, J.K. Rowling’s new adult book will hit every library shelve in the United States on Thursday, to readers’ satisfaction. The book has been available for pre-order on Amazon for a long period of time, but the UK publishing group Little, Brown Book Group has kept the content of the book a secret during all this time.

The U.S. publishing house, Little, Brown and Company, released a statement reminding everyone that “The Casual Vacancy” is not a children’s book. In fact, the readers who were attracted by the magical wizardry included in the “Harry Potter” series might be disappointed by the new book. Adult readers will, nevertheless, be attracted by the intricate story of the novel and by the complexity of the characters.

The British writer has chosen the small village of Pagford as a location for her new story. The tranquility of the village is disrupted by the sudden death of the town’s official leaving people to wonder what they should do now that they no longer have a governing body. Characters have their own stories full of poverty, drug and crime-related issues. The optimistic discourse which determined readers to fall in love with the “Harry Potter” series has been replaced in “The Casual Vacancy” with a more realistic and sometimes pessimistic tone as some characters will not get saved by the end of the book.

Rowling’s new characters are entirely human, that is, they have been endowed with both good and bad traits. The reader will recognize himself in the characters’ behavior as they lash out in anger or hope that things will get better even when there is no hope.

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